Dear Friends,

In June of 2017, we released our very first issue of UNUM, A Woman's Journey, and committed to publishing an entire magazine dedicated to celebrating and shining a light on inspiring and remarkable women around the world, by sharing their experiences, ideas, and most importantly, their stories. I wanted to find a way to not only bring together women with different perspectives and from different parts of the world, but for the stories to resonate and inspire those reading. Now, four issues later and more than 100 women featured, I think we have achieved those goals. Each woman who has been brave enough to give voice to and share her story has inspired us all. It is well past time to have a magazine like this; that becomes clearer every day. Out of many, we are one. We have so many differences, and are all so unique, and we still share so many things that are universal to us all. We as woman need now more than ever to lift each other up at every opportunity.

As I was describing the magazine recently to a person who had not yet read it, I was asked, "So, how is UNUM MAGAZINE different from other literary magazines?" My answer in short: The Community — the community of women whose stories we share, the community of readers who read and share these stories, and the community we are building around the world.

As UNUM's founder, I strive to always collaborate with women here and in every part of the world, building relationships not only with the women themselves but to their lives as well. Our approach is less about interviewing and more about working together to share a story, more about building connections, building community. To me, community is one of the most important aspects of sharing our stories, which brings us to Issue V: The Community Issue. To start off our second year, we wanted to dedicate a full issue to the importance of community and to the women making a difference throughout theirs.

This issue is in a new format, but is still built around that central, overarching theme, as our earlier quarterly issues were. It is filled with narratives and interviews from women who are impacting and creating community in their own ways. Whether it be women working within specific communities, sharing untold stories like oral historian Mi’Jan Celie Tho-Biaz and journalist Maria Hinojosa, or helping communities that are riven by war and helping support refugees like relief agency Director Amanda Lane, each woman is impacting community.

This issue includes women not only doing humanitarian work in communities around the world but interviews with women that are taking their scope of work and transforming their own communities with their own passions and ambitions. You will read about chef Jenny Dorsey and her work with AR/VR culinary work with communities in New York City and in Nicaragua, and about scientist Meghan Stockman who has started an interactive kid's planetarium to engage children in the Denver, Colorado, community. And these women's inspiring stories are just a taste of what you will find in this issue. It is filled with 15 incredible stories from women doing creative work in communities all over the world.

And as an exciting new part of community and collaboration, we have started an artist's collaboration series dedicated to highlighting creative women and their work around the world by making exclusive products for UNUM Magazine and our readers. This issue includes Canadian Illustrator Myriam Van Heste and her t-shirts designed exclusively for UNUM.

When I embarked last June on this journey of starting an impactful magazine that could bring together and connect people all over the world, I had no idea how I would do it — I just knew I wanted to. What started as the spark of an idea, a fantasy for someone who had never even dreamed about starting anything so far out of my comfort zone, has now become a reality, and a community. We look forward to our second year and will always be committed to keeping you connected and inspired.


Thanks for coming along with us and reading,

Tricia English

 Photo by Tira Howard Photography

Photo by Tira Howard Photography