Women and Leadership

Maria Hinojosa

There were never any stories about people that even remotely looked like us, yet we were pretty much trying to believe we were 100-percent American, so the notion of me becoming a journalist was really the furthest thing from my mind, ever.

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Mi'Jan Celie Tho-Biaz

I am constantly working with and learning alongside marginalized communities, asking how we can surface and honor our narratives that typically have been invisibilized or silenced. 

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Zora Djenohan

My belief in the power of activism is reinforced by my relationship to art, which is a tangible reminder that we can bring beauty into the world through our fingertips. Making art allows me to recharge, returning to work with renewed spirit and creativity.

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Amanda Lane

One in every 10 people in Jordan is a refugee, so I knew when my family decided to move back to Jordan that I wanted to get involved in some way to help Iraqis displaced as refugees or victimized by war and conflict.

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Tige Charity

Life is so much bigger than just you. We all have a responsibility. Purpose is not just for me, not just for us, but for others to benefit from it as well.

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Niomi Fawn

I got to a place in that space and time where I realized that if I wanted to keep seeing art by people I cared about who were super marginalized in the art community, then I was just going to have to do it myself.

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