We Are All Each Other's Heroes

Sunny Holub

Sunny Holub

Just a few months before I decided to emancipate myself from a destructive marriage, I met Christ.

This is the point in the story where pre-Jesus Sunny would have rolled her eyes at a crazy born-again testimony — just like, probably, some of you are now — but the Spirit’s gentle love and fierce fight for my heart was (and is yet) undeniable. Every day at 4 a.m. I met Jesus in my Bible and in my journaling, pouring myself out, filling myself back up with what I knew: that Jesus was love and He was in control. I submitted myself to trusting Him with my children, my divorce, and my dream of opening a gym.

It was in the spring of 2012 that I left my marriage, while simultaneously opening that gym in my hometown of Mount Vernon, Iowa.

I had prayed for wisdom and guidance, prayed over my vision to build a supportive community of women, the inspiration and driver of my venture. And by June my gym opened quietly, funded completely on credit cards and faith.

I pounded the pavement, working overtime to invite community members into my new Move Fit, offering free classes, knowing if I could get them to come for a month, they’d be hooked. I started conversations about health, food, physiology, habit change and convinced them that muscles are sexy, that strong is beautiful.

Six months later, we were on a wait list.

I forged alliances with the local grocers, farmers, and small business owners, digging my heels into the ground, setting roots in Iowa soil, casting my net as wide as God would allow and grateful for each person He brought to the gym. Deep friendships developed as women of all ages and fitness levels came together to sweat, finding healing in strength while discovering authenticity in raw community.

And so ... Move Fit grew.

I became surrounded by loving women, praying women, who rallied for me time and again, our gym family bonded together by grace and the power of commitment to one another.

We are each other’s champions, each other's heroes.

Move Fit continues to thrive, evolve, and meet women where they are, offering passion for physical health, nutrition education, yoga, meditation, community involvement, and, most importantly, friendship. We have taken our programs online, working with people all over the country, teaching and coaching men and women on health in all of its physical and emotional forms.

From the outside looking in, we may appear to change lives with fat-loss programs and goal-setting strategies, but what we do at Move Fit is create people of strength, dignity and love, raising up an army dedicated to health, wholeness and vulnerability. I have watched hundreds of lives change and an entire town shift its eating and fitness habits. I have seen, more times than I can count, God use Move Fit to heal broken people, resurrecting life and hope in many hardened hearts.

I cannot take credit but can say with confidence that Move Fit is a unique and powerful tribe of people that I am humbled and blessed to lead.

Move Fit’s doors, both physical and online, are open. We are eager to welcome in new tribe members, both near and far, young and old: We believe that there truly is power in numbers.

Sunny Holub attended college at the University of Iowa, where she received a bachelor's degree in English and went on for more post-grad work in Anatomy and Nutrition. She currently is the owner/trainer of Move Fit Performance and has started an online community podcast called Salt & Light People. She is a volunteer at the House of Hope, a woman's outreach ministry in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and a bible study leader at various churches. She is also a Permanent Building Substitute Teacher in a low-income neighborhood school. Her next endeavor, happening this summer, is opening a hot yoga studio. She resides in Iowa with her husband and five children. Follow @sunnyholub

Words: Sunny Holub