we are a global magazine dedicated to highlighting and celebrating women, of diverse backgrounds, by sharing their personal stories and achievements. 

UNUM aspires to raise awareness of extraordinary women to impact, inspire and build a sense of community and connection worldwide, to show that despite what divides us, as one, we are stronger together.


UNUM MAGAZINE grew out of a desire to create a platform that highlights and showcases the stories of diverse women across the globe to elevate and inspire others. Taken from the Latin phrase "e pluribus unum," or "out of many, one," UNUM centers around the idea that though we are many and individual, as one we are stronger than we can be apart. It's meant to be firmly apolitical, but the idea of one coming from many resonated with what we were hoping to achieve with the magazine. We want to provide a place to inspire, connect, learn and support each other. 

Each issue of UNUM focuses on an overarching theme that brings together women around the world who are mentors, changemakers, creatives and much more. We want to celebrate women's achievements and share ideas and advice from women in various fields but also provide a medium to give voice to women’s personal stories and perspectives that unite us across race, background, opinion, belief, and other differences that divide. Each story is about women around us everyday with stories of courage, dedication and triumph. The women thriving for change, working on solutions, and giving hope to others. The women making history today. 

Please contact Tricia English at tricia@unummagazine.com for advertising inquiries and partnership opportunities, or to nominate a woman to be featured. Thank you for reading and being part of this movement.


Tricia English  Founder and Editor

Tricia English

Founder and Editor

Maria Egolf-Romero  Contributing Writer

Maria Egolf-Romero

Contributing Writer