Every part of the journey is a choice made by us. Our quest as humans is to create meaning in this life, which involves understanding our surroundings, identifying our experiences, and making changes. We curated this issue with women who are offering an artistic way of thinking to create their own meaning. We spoke with women, all over the world, from different backgrounds, offering different perspectives. Each of them use their art, their writing, and their creativity to send messages that go beyond personal expression and create change, heal souls, and inspire us all to be creators ourselves. Their work can shift our consciousness and make us realize each one of us is constantly searching for our own truth, for our own meaning, and that search is what makes us ... one.

Issue IV

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UNUM Magazine is a global magazine dedicated to highlighting and celebrating women, of diverse backgrounds, by sharing their personal stories and achievements.

UNUM aspires to raise awareness of extraordinary women, around the globe, to show that despite what divides us, as one, we are stronger together.


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