Mayte Cardenas

How the world sees women has changed. I want to be seen as a person, not just a mother or a daughter or wife.

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Emily Markwiese

Tech to me is ultimately a way to create connections between things where there wouldn’t otherwise be any — and there is a place waiting for anyone who’s interested in forming those connecting points.

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Marisa Xochtl Jimenez

I loved how one could share their experiences, knowledge, ideas and possibilities into a film. I especially love it when the story is from a Voice that deserves to be heard and listened to. It's everyday people just writing the story of how they see the world. 

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Nora Touré

It doesn't matter what degree I have — if I’m interested enough and want to learn, I can do it.

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Phernegize Manigat

The world is constantly changing and moving into or already is in a space where technology is vital in all that we do. There are so many ways to be exposed to tech, so we have to not be afraid of it.

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Kelli Jordan

I’m really passionate about this work.  As we add more diversity to tech companies it can only bring more value to our culture, and in the process open doors for our citizens.   

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Heidi Hostetter

Manufacturing touches lives across all sectors — medical, aerospace, IT, defense, etc. I cannot think of one thing on the consumer market that is not manufactured. Everything we touch has a manufacturing history/legacy. It is important to really understand how your involvement will have direct impact on lives, history and the future.

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