Tewa Women United

In all of these programs that we have dedicated our heart work to, we have been questioned about serving the rest of the community – not just Tewa Women – because the work is so important.  The answer to that is: WE DO. We’ve always been a multicultural, multiracial organization.

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Emily Rapp Black

I’m not going to become some glorious bird flying over the ashes. I have one wing and my beak is messed up and I have one eye. That is resilience, going on even when it looks like you can’t do it anymore. It’s not a will-based thing; that’s what it is to be alive: to want to live.

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Andrea Serrano

If we’re together, and if we’re following the lead of women and people of color – particularly women of color and gender-nonconforming folks of color – if you follow our lead, we can create that change.

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Audra Mulkern

Every single day really is a new wheelhouse. I always say: I’m not a photographer; I’m not a writer; I didn’t go to school to become a documentarian; I’m not filmmaker; and I’m not a grant writer. But I am all of those things, because I wrote my own permission slip.

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Cloe Luv

We need more women in leading roles to balance and represent the strengths and brilliance we possess, balance the music industry playing fields and to reduce sexism.

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Only work for people you can respect. People who are on the same page, together, can accomplish big things.

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Don’t try to be just two of those. You need to be all three. You need to be fast, you need to be nice, and you need to be good. I know now, just being fast and nice is not enough.

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Deb Haaland

I am going to work very hard to make sure that everybody gets an opportunity to succeed, not just the folks who are privileged.

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Personally, I do this for the future of my children; but business wise, this is about the community. People say that loosely, and I try not to say “it’s about community” – because it can sound forced or lame – but it’s really what drives me.

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