Women and Leadership

Maria Hinojosa

There were never any stories about people that even remotely looked like us, yet we were pretty much trying to believe we were 100-percent American, so the notion of me becoming a journalist was really the furthest thing from my mind, ever.

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Mi'Jan Celie Tho-Biaz

I am constantly working with and learning alongside marginalized communities, asking how we can surface and honor our narratives that typically have been invisibilized or silenced. 

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Zora Djenohan

My belief in the power of activism is reinforced by my relationship to art, which is a tangible reminder that we can bring beauty into the world through our fingertips. Making art allows me to recharge, returning to work with renewed spirit and creativity.

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Amanda Lane

One in every 10 people in Jordan is a refugee, so I knew when my family decided to move back to Jordan that I wanted to get involved in some way to help Iraqis displaced as refugees or victimized by war and conflict.

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Tige Charity

Life is so much bigger than just you. We all have a responsibility. Purpose is not just for me, not just for us, but for others to benefit from it as well.

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Niomi Fawn

I got to a place in that space and time where I realized that if I wanted to keep seeing art by people I cared about who were super marginalized in the art community, then I was just going to have to do it myself.

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Women and the Arts

Emelie Richardson

I think it's absolutely necessary for me to work during emotionally trying times. It's not always the easiest thing to do; I'd much rather just sit and wallow. But as I've gotten older, I've realized how important it is to just do the work, and how essential that is for healing as well.

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Nikesha Breeze

There was a huge, huge movement in my soul toward really getting it, really understanding my inherited history, as well as how my being has been shaped by these intersections my whole life. I've had a very estranged relationship with my African American history, and my own self acceptance as a queer brown woman.

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Ja Soon Kim

I used to sit and meditate. When I started doing it, I found it truly meditative. Even if it's a failure, the process is very calming because you're kind of lost in your own world. I consider that a profound treasure.

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Women and Travel


Emily Nathan

Listen to your audience. Listen to your community and do everything you can with integrity. Something else I would stress is to approach your creative business like a business and not a creative project. If you are starting a business and don’t have a plan to make money it is not a business, it is a hobby and you need a job.

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Women and Food

Jenny-Mustard_PC Hannah Burton and Bustle.jpg

Jenny Dorsey

Everybody says the same shit about food, like "Food tells stories," and, "Food brings people together," and I am not contesting that but … I think the whole point of being human is that you are in pain sometimes, your heart hurts sometimes, you're scared sometimes, you feel sad or you feel lonely — and the whole point of having food there isis to be able to communicate those feelings that it can talk to you about it.

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Women and Science


Meghan Stockman

We are supposed to build each other up. We are so much better as a society when we look at things that way, instead of the other way.

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Women and Fashion


Samantha Platero

When I began to think about developing something of my own, I always thought about how the work that my grandparents created was just as high quality as everything I saw overseas — and this jewelry is sold internationally and bought at this level while my grandparents are selling at little markets, flea markets, pow wows, or trying to sell to trading posts. I thought about how the quality of my peoples’ work wasn’t being respected and how I could change that.

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Women and Fitness

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Zoe Woodward

Well, on the surface I'm a mom, a wife, a business owner, and a yoga teacher. That's kind of putting it in a nutshell. If someone asks me what I do I wrack my brains for a definitive answer. And more often than not I just say yoga teacher because it doesn't ask for any kind of clarification. I can't put what I do into like a category, and I don't think I actually want to.

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Featured Organization


Featured Organization

Our mission is to inspire and enable women to achieve their goals.

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Contributed Story



Hong Kong is as very unique city by its architecture, food and culture in general. Six days a week, from Monday to Saturday, your head spins due to the chaotic efficiency of the streets.  Sunday doesn’t exactly slow down when it comes to intensity, but it is a special day for a usually hidden community: the domestic helpers. Hundreds of women would gather on public spaces to spend their unique day off of the week with their peers.

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