Last year Erin took her passion for exploration and left behind the comforts of her life in New Mexico to bike from Mexico to Peru, a 6,500-mile bike ride. On her bike with her camera and only a few other items, she was able to capture the most beautiful lands and communities. She traveled through several villages being greeted by some of the warmest people she has ever met. This is her journey captured through her lens. To read Erin's full story click here. See her whole adventure here.

A journey like this isn’t for the faint of heart. It holds a mirror up every day and asks you to look at yourself. To really, really look. What kind of limitations are you imposing on yourself? What lies do you feed yourself? We are capable of so much, yet we believe our own lies, let our own fears take hold, and convince ourselves we “can’t.” I recently read that if you argue for your limitations, you get to keep them. I’m not arguing for mine anymore. And that may be the biggest transformation on this journey so far. I may have cycled through six countries (so far) but my greatest accomplishment has been to learn how to love and forgive myself. Priceless.