Laetitia's art focuses on the constant physical effort and connection between the body, feelings, imagination, and spiritual inspiration. Read about her journey through imagination and what paths she crossed to lead her to where she is today here.



Image: Nina Wright

New Mexico is great potential for me to integrate further diverse traditions — the shadows and light, contrasted and familiar aspects, physical, emotional, and mental perceptions.


yuki 2013 BW.jpg

In 2004 Yuki launched a company called Moderngoods, a product design company and consultancy. Since, she has transitioned from housewares into community design. Read her advice to girls and women interested in design here.

My design work and artwork emerge from my appreciation of the natural world, my interest in the ever-evolving intersection of global cultures, and my curiosity around identity and activism. Additionally, my heritage as a half-Japanese woman informs my aesthetic, work ethic, and relationship to artifacts.